For All Members in Your Enterprise

CIO’s Magic Wand

CP4 supports complex what-if simulation for planner to create future scenarios with zero or minimal IT resources.

COO’s Self-balanced Scooter

CP4 brings advantages for time-based competition to control the balance of enterprise’s growth speed and direction precisely.

CFO’s Safety Box

CP4 combined enterprise insight and financial intuition to support decisions by analysing future risk structure and financial impacts.

CMO’s Laser Beam

CP4 integrates discrete and distributed data to simulate with creative campaign planning and precision marketing.

CEO’s Conductor Baton

CP4 provides simultaneously collaborative simulation from different business units to visualise the impacts of different decisions and future actions.

CSO’s Future Simulator

CP4 creates the sandbox environment to simulate events and impacts based on actual enterprise data and empirical models to envision future.

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Industrial Specific Inovations

Quote Simulation

Contract Valuation

Progress Forcasting

Cost Estimation

Incentive Performance

Complex Pricing

Pricing Adjustment

Scenario Simulation

Collaborative Planning

Profitability Simulation

Customer Profiling

Complex Disbursement