Our Belief

What we believe…

We believe in Green Vision and sustainable operation.  All our team members are based in different cities around the world, Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Xian, Shenzhen, Bay Area, Denver, Frankfurt, etc., so we realise the best way to work as a team is to communicate efficiently, which is very challenging for team covered different time-zones.  Without wasting time for commute and restricting ourselves to time-zone specific office hours, every team member needs to be highly disciplined and extremely efficient in self-training, collaborative problem solving and self-organised role and responsibility.  This is consistent with the design spirit of CP4 to avoid wasting inefficient communications on presentations, resources, emails, political fights and silo effects.  Since we are all not a traditional team, we invite people to join based on four main characteristics – self-learning, problem-solving, team-work, and passion-to-innovate.  

We believe in Business Value.  Differing from other traditional consulting firms, we never deliver a whole enterprise system, but only to identify the most critical demands to assure the business values were experienced first.  We always work one step at a time.  If we cannot deliver the business values to client’s decision makers, there is no need for client to continue working with us.  The business values are delivered by providing exactly what the user needs and bring the previously unreachable enterprise data or cross-department empirical rules to the planners, hence, significantly improve the precision to utilise all the available information for optimised decision making. 

We believe in Progressive Implementation.  Unlike traditional enterprise implementation, CP4 always targets to increase planning efficiency iteratively.  Varying from several weeks to a few months, the enterprise users must be able to experience the business values.  CP4’s design is progressive extension, so the cube types can continue to extend through agile cycles.  CP4 dost not re-work existing enterprise system except normalise the data models into cubes, so any existing data model can be normalised to a cube for collaboration, hence can be used as building blocks for simulation and planning.  This has a major advantage that even a traditional enterprise system may take a few years to complete the data migration and implementations  CP4 can continue to improve the business planning or operation.  Then, when the enterprise system is ready to go-live, CP4 can easily adjust the cube design or create new compatible data model to switching to new enterprise system.  Furthermore, it can keep cube types for both legacy and new systems to work as different simulation building blocks.

We believe in Decision Supporting.  Our apps, on top of cube and simulation servers, are all custom-built to fit exactly the decision maker’s comfortable style, so you will always see for what you get and pay for what you want.  Our implementation methodology will make sure the positive agile cycle before and during the implementation. Our goal is to bring rich enterprise data model (and not only exported data) to every key decision-maker or enterprise planner.  For example, if you wish to understand the negotiation space for a cost estimation, your planner then can access a few BOMs from past products, compare and adjust the recipe, check supplier’s price trend, adjust the expected exchange rate in the future, compare multiple factories’ operations/overhead costs to estimate the cost 6 months from now.  The differences between CP4 and Excel are the precision and time.  The precision is improved in CP4 by brining in actual enterprise data and business logic, while the planning period to reach the same precision can be improved from weeks/months to mins/hours.  CP4 is designed to maximise precision and minimise the planning time.

We believe in Efficient Operation.  For decision makers or planners to improve the precision of future simulation, the business logic and rules can be manipulated and adjusted to fit the individual needs.  To access the enterprise data model, they should not need to request the programming changes and wait for IT’s execution, which can easily take a few weeks to months.  CP4 is designed to separate data models and flexible business logic.  The data model integration requires IT’s involvement, but the flexible logic are managed directly by the decision maker and planners.  Once the data models are normalised into Cubes, the decision makers can then directly use those cubes for their own simulation.  The traditional enterprise system is not designed to do constant changes daily to assure the stability while CP4 is designed to encourage changes, but not by IT, but by the business users, hence, can significantly win the time-based competition.

We believe in Simplicity & Minimalism.  We follow the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) principle for user interface designs.  The main purpose is to build what you need and keep flexibility in building your own envision.  Our business consultants, during discovery phase, will analyse the business values from different aspects such as management, integration, computation logic to make sure the Cube types are designed exactly fit the needs as a building block.  CP4 will follow 1+1+N approach, that means, one Cube server as a foundation for data delegation, one simulation scratch board for your enterprise envision and N custom built apps to fit exactly your decision makers need.  By minimising the unnecessary codes while preserving the maximal extension flexibility, we can reduce the required programs to mostly effective use.  This design will allow the scenario that your decision makers can re-create the app to fit what they needs without compromising to the high cost of development before.  We believe the most effective way to adapt to fast moving market is to avoid any historical burden from IT investment.  We keep it as simple as possible without any burden to create new apps, so the necessity can also change rapidly to face competitions.

We believe in Sustainable Operation.  CP4 is a framework and also a platform that can allow the whole eco-system of industrial domain experts and developers to get involved in solving customer requirements.  We do not agree on the implementation approach by traditional enterprise software where many functional consultants and developers were required in years of training in order to deliver, which increase the rates and causing high cost for our customers.  CP4 also has another Do-IT-Yourself (DIY) principle when we design it.  Thus, as long as you have trained IT or outsourcing partners, you can easily extend cube types within CP4.  The library from CP4 also allows app developers to easily crate any custom Apps.  Hence, you can gradually improve your own Apps and cube types to minimise the custom development cost, and no longer requires the expensive maintenance and traditional consultant services.

We might be idealistic to pursue what we believe in, but we have full confidence we will create the new paradigm for enterprise software.  We are who we are, maybe one day, you will also join our journey together.  We can then not only to envision a future, but to create one together!