CFO’s Safety Box

CP4 combines enterprise insight and financial intuition to support decisions by analysing future risk structure and financial impacts.

CFO requires insight, intuition, involvement in the business to look backwards and to look ahead.  The involvement of organisation and operational strategy, in additions to financial control, is necessary to manage the cost, profit and risk.  CFO has an unique background that can make facility in communications cross enterprise organisations and translate complex ideas from enterprise to investors.  Such a role requires not only the analysis reports from financial operations but also the tool to envision futures.

CFO has to manage the investors, particularly the sceptical ones with clear value drivers, execution priorities and performance expectations with clear companies business strategy.  CP4 can provide two major capabilities to CFO, one is to bring the precision enterprise data models including both financial and operation aspects; another one is to enable the impact projections on various business scenarios including possible future events.  The combination of two capabilities can support CFO to visualise the future risk structure, hence, to evaluate the proper actions for risk reduction and the rapid response when the actual event occurs.

CP4 provides an environment similar to an improved safety box, which can reduce the risk by dynamically envision the future scenarios and simulate actions to minimise the impacts.  Although CP4 is not a prediction software, it provides the best supports to combine actual enterprise data and human heuristics to support the domain experts, decision makers and planners to make the most informative decision.  CP4 is a decision supporting platform.  Differing from other decision supporting system, CP4 maximises the precision by connecting enterprise data models with experiences, and further maximise the flexibility by allowing freely design, adjust and assembling cubes into the future what-if scenarios.