CMO’s Laser Beam

CP4 integrates discrete and distributed data to simulate with creative campaign planning and precision marketing.

CMO’s laser beam can help explore and discover the targeted prospects and customers.  CP4 can be integrated with various marketing tools to support precision planning and precision marketing.  The simulation scratch board can combine customer segmentations, longitudinal profiling, customer valuation and decision models to discover the impacts of trade promotion and campaign activities.  During a new product initiative, many uncertainties can be evaluated through empirical experiences combined with historical customer interactions.  While BI is a tool for data analysis, CP4 is designed to simulate what-if scenarios with precision.  Marketing planning requires many external data sources, CP4’s cube foundation supports the capability to rapid integration with discrete and distributed marketing and competitor data sources into the simulation scratch board, which is built specifically to combine marketing creativities with precision data with minimal efforts from IT resources.

Since a cube can be a discrete computation unit, CP4 can readily integrate to various data mining and machine learning algorithms, CMO’s team can not only utilise the most advanced intelligent tool but also conduct simulation by manipulate historical sales data and future projection for the impacts of certain marketing events or activities.  The user experience must be as simple as in Excel, so with such a tool on hand, CMO’s team can conduct after-event analysis to demonstrate the campaign or promotion effectiveness.  When combining with actual sales data, can further break down sales data to identify the possible causes leading to the success or failure of campaigns, hence, resulting in continuous improvement and optimisation.
A successful promotion or campaign must have the precision planning for the balance between demands chain, supply chain and logistics.  A demand triggering event can be converted to brand loyalty if and only if the product or service have exceeded the customer expectations.  The worst case will be losing the expectation with not-coordinated supply chain and inefficient logistic.  Hence, the simulation scratch board can provide such a realistic simulation for CMO to push the logistic support and supply chain preparations dynamically.  Any unexpected market changes or competition can be simulated for impact analysis for rapid responses and adjustments of future planning and execution.  The laser beam for CMO should be able to improve the precision when planning the future actions following the market direction.  While the time-based competition is crucial for marketing department, CMO must be able to respond fast and accurately to market reactions.  In the fiercely market competition, the winner is not always the one run first but the one knows when to run faster and when to run slower.