CSO’s Future Simulator

CP4 creates the sandbox environment to simulate events and impacts based on actual enterprise data and empirical models to envision future.

CP4 has two major components, one is the normalisation of discrete data models into cubes which can improve simulation precision.  Another one is the sandbox platform for decision makers and planners to creatively inter-connecting and flexibly associate cubes to seamlessly integrating precision data and experience-based knowledge.  This is in fact the enterprise gaming design concept to simulate enterprise’s possible futures.  With the building blocks from various data sources, various future events and actions can be simulated to immediately visualise the impacts in real-time.  CSO can layout the different paths into future.  Thought there are unlimited ways to reach the goal, different actions and events may change the impacts and future resource plans dramatically.  Since the market and the environment can be very versatile, the capability to foresee impacts of the environment changes and future decisions provides the supporting tool for CSO to optimise the strategy toward the goal.  

Supporting enterprise-level precision is the main concept for CP4.  Having those enterprise data models directly workable for every knowledge workers can establish the collaborative planning culture for an enterprise to obtain the most precision models.  CP4 is only a tool to interconnect those knowledge islands and actual enterprise operation data for planning management such as CSO to increase the precision in projection the future.  Hence, it is a collaborative precision planning framework.  CP4 provides the decision supports for CSO to create the desired future enterprise using the collaboratively and collectively projection model to simulate the feasibility.  Furthermore, by manipulating the cube behaviours, CSO can simulate and analyse various scenarios to determine how to propose the major renovation of an enterprise.

CSO, with CP4 on hand, can create your own simulation for the enterprise strategic planning.  The simulation results can immediately be used to explore and discovery possible scenarios.  Although CP4 cannot predict future, it is designed to allow a decision maker to foresee the most likely future.  The usage of CP4 is most valuable in comparing the different future scenarios to analyse the impacts, also compare actual data with previous plans to identify the issue of models, hence, to provide continuously improving precision.  The accuracy of those cubes can create the powerful tool for CSO to close the gap between what-if simulation and reality.  Also, by showing the impact visually, CP4 can be a best explanation tool for CSO to present the complex strategic plan in various scenarios.